Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy Standard Tenancy

  1. Unless you have already moved into the Studio, you may cancel your booking by writing or sending an e-mail to us at

 a. at any time during the 14 days immediately following you signing the Tenancy Agreement (the ‘14 Day Cooling-Off Period’). If you cancel the booking during this 14 Day Cooling-Off Period, we will return your Security Deposit to you.  However, this cancellation only applies if have not yet moved into the Studio.  If you have moved into the Studio, you cannot terminate the Tenancy Agreement; or

b. at any time after the 14 Day Cooling-Off Period and before 31st July 2021. If you do that, we will agree to the surrender of your Tenancy Agreement (i.e. the cancellation) but will charge you for our reasonable costs of such surrender, being £250 + VAT (if applicable).  If such circumstances apply, you agree that we will deduct this from your Security Deposit.

2. On or after 31st July 2021 (unless you are still within the 14 Day Cooling-Off Period) and provided you have not      moved into the Studio:

a. If the law in your home country prohibits you leaving your home country due to the covid-19 pandemic (or the law in the United Kingdom prevents you entering the country due to the covid-19 pandemic) and as a result you are not lawfully allowed to enter the United Kingdom during the period from the Tenancy Start Date up and including 14 days after such date. In such circumstances, your cancellation will be processed following you providing us with evidence of such travel restrictions (for example, your government website link that prohibits all travel to the United Kingdom, translated into English). Provided that suitable evidence of such travel restrictions is provided before the Tenancy Start Date, we will provide a refund of any payment received from you other than the Security Deposit which we will retain to cover our costs in cancelling your Tenancy Agreement.

b. If clause 2a. above does not apply, the following applies to any request of cancellation before the start date of your Tenancy Agreement (no cancellation is permitted after the start date of your Tenancy Agreement in any circumstances):

i. If you wish to cancel your booking, your Tenancy Agreement will continue until a replacement tenant is found for your Studio. This means that you will have to pay all amounts that become due under your Tenancy Agreement until a replacement tenant starts to rent your Studio. In addition to the Rent payable whilst the Tenancy Agreement remains in place, we will retain your Security Deposit.

ii. If a replacement Tenant is found for your Studio, we will accept a termination of the Tenancy Agreement from the start date of the replacement Tenant’s new Tenancy Agreement.

iii. If no replacement Tenant is found for your Studio, we will retain your Security Deposit and all amounts (such as the Rent) due under your Tenancy Agreement will need to be paid by you; or

3. No Place No Pay (applicable to 1st year undergraduate students only):

a. If you are a prospective first year undergraduate student and your offer of a place at your preferred University / Higher Education Institution is withdrawn by the University / Higher Education Institution as a result of you not achieving their required entry grades, you may be eligible to be released from this agreement.

b. To apply to be released from this Tenancy Agreement in the circumstances referred to above, you will need to supply us with a copy of:

i. A written rejection letter from your chosen University / Higher Education Institution or UCAS; or

ii. A screen shot of your UCAS status which confirms that the required results were not achieved.

c. The document(s) set out above must be received by us within 7 calendar days from the date your results are published.

d. If you wish to terminate this Tenancy Agreement in accordance with this procedure, please email the documents set out above to On receipt of the required documentation it will be verified and, provided we are satisfied, we will cancel this Tenancy Agreement, refund your Security Deposit and any Rent received in full.



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